Thaï Canteen - 6 Rue du Prieuré


Thai Canteen

Rue du Prieuré 6, Genève

Reservation & info: 022.547.19.20 //

Tuesday - Saturday, 12:00-14:00, 19:00-22:30 (last order 22:00)

A meal at Soï is best enjoyed when served sharing-style like a dinner with friends in Bangkok. We recommend ordering several small Thai dishes and to share them with the rest of the table.

Our recommendation for a table of 2: Quick bite = 3 Gab Glaem + Khao, regular = 4 Gab Glaem + Khao, real hungry = enjoy yourself

Our little thaï street canteen in Geneva. Picture by Sam Arn. Photo gallery by Chardchakaj Waikawee

Our little thaï street canteen in Geneva. Picture by Sam Arn. Photo gallery by Chardchakaj Waikawee

Soï and about?

Soï was born from a happy encounter between a Thai Chef, French gastronomy aficionado in Bangkok, spending his free time fishing and taking landscape photographs, and a Geneva native who dreamt about spending a few months in the unknown Western side of the world. 

Our paths crossed while both working in the renowned Plaza Athénée Bangkok, on the vibrant Wireless Avenue. In the evenings, we would be ecstatic to meet in a street corner, sitting on our little red plastic stool, and consume the hours food tasting and dreaming together of bringing these amazing flavors back to Switzerland. 

Soï means the street and during these months of food tasting under the neon lights of Bangkok, we realized that we wanted to bring this street and the Thai food culture all the way to Geneva. 

Once back in Geneva, we were eager to share with our friends and family the diversity, the elegance, and the codes of the thaï street food. We were keen on going beyond the expected, surprise the appetites, create a unique experience. It was also important to us to be faithful to the dynamic and trendy Thailand, the Bangkok of today, and stay as close as possible to the family traditional recipes while celebrating the joy of sharing.

To Soï, family and friends, our beloved guests

Thai food to share, here: Kai Yaang

Thai food to share, here: Kai Yaang

Illustration by Christoffer Ellegaard

Illustration by Christoffer Ellegaard